The Power from Within - Miketz 5778

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Democracy may have started in ancient Athens, or 18th century England, France, and the USA. But the convergence of digitalization, mobile technology and social media has taken democracy to unprecedented levels. This new democracy has obliterated boundaries, diminishing one of the most important tools of power: control. Loss of control has enabled silent revolutions that toppled governments, undermined establishments, challenged conventions and disrupted industries. (See Professor Taylor Owen’s important piece in the World Economic Forum last year, What can governments learn from digital disrup..


Gender Abuse Continued – A Framework

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Parshat Vayeishev 5768 When what you read in the news and what you learn in the weekly Parsha intersect, it is important to pause and notice. The theme of gender abuse continues both in the U.S. media and in Parshat Vayeishev. In this week’s Parsha however, the victim is no innocent young girl as was the case with Dinah last week, nor is the perpetrator a male sexual predator like Shechem was. This time the perpetrator is a powerful woman, Ms. Pottifar, wife of one of the most influential men in Egypt. The victim is Yoseif, her dashing, seventeen-year-old slave, and as the only Jew in Egy..


Gender Abuse - a Framework (Vayishlach 5778) - Part 1

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Vayishlach 5778 Not only feminists, but all morally conscious people are outraged by media reports of harassment and abuse by high profile men in positions of power.  After decades of increasingly liberal attitudes to sex and sexuality, and coarsely using femininity as a marketing tool, the conversation needs an intellectual framework.  What are appropriate responses by society and by women who find themselves in these situations? Should the men concerned be granted any opportunity for remorse and restitution, or have they terminated their reputation and careers forever? Sh..


Ignite the Fire Within (Chayei Sarah, 5778)

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It was after midnight on Tuesday night. Los Angeles International Airport, usually bustling with frenetic crowds was quieting down. The day had been a very long one. I summoned an Uber driver hoping for a silent ride. Instead I was connected to a most unusual, African American driver. He was kind, and had a sensitive demeanor and delicate voice.  Our fascinating conversation started at the airport and did not end until after he stopped outside my home.  My driver explained to me how sensitive he is to the energy of his passengers. For example, he avoids taking people to wor..


The Power in a Period (Vayeira 5778)

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Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese mindfulness master living in  in France, talks ofa practice called noble silence. [1] “If we are talking, we are talking,” he writes. “But if we are doing something else….such as eating…then we do just these things. We aren’t doing these things and also talking. We do these things in joyful, noble silence….free to hear the deepest call of our hearts.” What might the Torah have to say about this practice?  Imagine a silent Kiddush after Shabbat services! I can’t. The day after reading about..


Traveling To or Traveling From? (Lech Lecha 5778)

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Discover the wisdom within Parshat Lech Lecha, 5778 The powerful imperative, “Travel into yourself!” is the title of the Parsha and its opening phrase. Lech-Lecha is literally translated as “go for yourself” meaning, go for your own benefit. The Zohar translates it as “Travel into yourself,” a deeper, more specific and more complex version of “Know thyself” (γνῶθι σεαυτόν), the Delphic maxim attributed to Socrates. Travel into yourself is not license for self-absorption. Lech-l..


Empathy and Modern Liberalism - Noach, 5778

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Noach, 5778 Left-wing “liberalism” fights for the acceptance of cultural and gender diversity with an intolerant hatred for ideological diversity. It battles Faith and Israel with the same ferocity that the people of Babel battled the principles of moral monotheism. I have thought about the recent hurricanes, earthquakes and Californian fire catastrophes while they were happening and after. But it was thoughts I had, even sympathy, but not deep enough feelings of caring and empathy. I have felt disappointed in myself for that. Distance should not reduce my capa..


Science and Miracle – A Bipolar Reality

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Shabbat Bereishit, 5778   From Sukot to Bereishit Shabbat Bereishit [1] is a moving moment in the calendar. The story of the Creation arouses primal feelings and mystical thoughts. The story is about miracle, Garden of Eden, talking snakes and fiery angels. Yet it is also about the rational science, nature and psychology. Science and miracle; an oxymoron? No, I shall argue, a polarity that requires the embracing of both especially when striving to live a spiritual life in modern times. This year Shabbat Bereishit is somewhat eclipsed by the long weekend of Shemini Atzeret and ..


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