Breishit 5773: Reaching Out

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Asking others for help doesn't make you seem weak; It makes them feel valued. Avodah: To Work and to Serve The word avodah is full of meaning. Simply it means both service (of G-d - particularly with respect to prayer and Temple service) andwork, labor. The first time the term avodah appears in the Torah is in Bereishis 2:5. The Torah describes the state of the world just before its greenery appeared. The trees, plants and grasses were ready to burst through the outer layers of the earth's surface, but they had not yet done so. The earth still looked brow..


Eikev 5774: Charity vs. Investment

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Zeddaka and Chessed are different and they produce different results You know the story of The Giving Tree? It’s a charming children’s book about a lifetime’s relationship between a boy and an apple tree. The boy plays in the shade of an apple tree and climbs its branches. When he grows up and no longer wants to play, the tree gives him its apples so that he can sell them and earn money. Later, when the boy wants a house the tree offers him its branches with which to build a home and then its trunk with which to build a boat. Finally, the tree, having given the boy all of its resources, has n..


So What Now? Goy Echad Ba’Aretz – A Nation of Oneness

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Motzei Tisha Be’Av and Erev Shabbat Nachamu, 5774 Cycle of Insanity If, as Einstein is reputed to have said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then the corollary should be true as well: If you keep getting the same results when you are expecting different ones, you must be doing the same thing over and over again, and you are probably insane! Every year (at least once) we say Le’Shanah Haba’ah Birushalayim (may we be redeemed in Yerushalim this time next year) indicating our desire end the milenia-old cycle of mourning for the dest..


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