Just a Moment

by in Yamim Noraim, Yom Kippur .

Asseret Yemei Teshuva 5778 Hashem does speak to us. He speaks to us in numerous ways at various times; sometimes quite directly and personally, at times less so. He is not limited in how often he communicates; it is we who are limited in how well we listen and how often we hear. As we grow older, gain experience and become humbler, our hearing improves – at least our hearing of G-ds messages improves provided we practice the art of listening out for them. Hashem speaks though coincidence, He speaks through suffering – Hashem rebukes those he cares about (Mishlei 3:12). S..


Beacon to the Future

by in General, Yamim Noraim .

Secular liberal Jews have hijacked the term tikun olam (repairing the world) to promote agendas of secular social justice and environmentalism. Irrespective of the worthiness of these agendas, this is not the meaning nor the intention of the term tikun olam. The term comes from the Aleinu prayer which we recite three times a day, and is a central theme of Rosh Hashanah: לתקן עולם במלכודת שדי means to repair the world by its accepting the supremacy of Hashem’s Governance, a very different idea. As I experience the hours before Rosh Hashanah in Jerusalem, breathing in the palpable atmosphere..


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