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A year draws to a close so that a new one can open another chapter in the journey of our lives. Rosh..
  Breishit: 22   The Akeidah The torah reading on Rosh Hashanah includes the..
When Poskim (Halachik authorities) have a safek (doubt) about the correct interp..
So many of us, certainly I, want to change... so badly. We plan to change. We commit to change. But ..
The art of listening Isn't it irritating when you're talking to someone and you know they're no..
The term New Year is a misnomer. Years are not renewed; they are repeated. Only months are..
The Vilna Gaon My current love-affair with the Vilna Gaon’s Biur Hagerah is one of my..
  Dear Friend I do not use the word "Friend" trivially. I feel so close to you even tho..

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