Ketzos Hachoshen 361:2 - Yeiush in a Unique Hybrid Case of Gezeila and Aveida

Bava Metzia 26b

            Tosfos D"H Mattonah

            Ramban in Milchamos

Bava Kama 66a

            Rashi D"H Motzei aveida

            Tosfos D"H Hacha Nammi


In this shiur, the Ramban brilliantly explains the insertion into our Gemorra of Rav Yehudai Gaon's (Bahag) explanation of Rava in B"M 26b. He highlights the hybrid nature of Rava's case-study. The Ketzos insightfully uses this Ramban to offer an alternative to the difficult peirushim of Rashi and Tosfos in B"K 66a.


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